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Get worlds class Toddler Reinsfor your sweet Bub with multiple features and high quality.Toddle Reins fits from the front in one quick, simple movement. The unique clip allows parents to easily adjust the shoulder and waist straps simultaneously for a comfortable, secure fit. The rein can be used both as a training rein for first steps and a leading rein for bigger adventures!

Features of Toddler Reins

COMFORTABLE AND SECURE FIT: Made from breathable fabric that allows tots to move free

REFLECTIVE DETAIL:For extra visibility in the dark

COMBINED TRAINING AND LEADING REIN: For first steps and bigger adventures

EASY TO ADJUST: Saves time getting the perfect fit

UNIQUE SAFETY BUCKLE: For a quick and easy release

AGE SUITABILITY LARGE: Recommended for ages 6 to 48 months

CCHEST SIZE: Min - Max chest size 38 – 70 cm

WARRANTY: Wear and tear warranty for 5 years