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Cot Bumpers

Cot bumpers are pillow-like soft padded pieces that are used to cover-up the spaces between the bars of a baby cot. They are implanted on the inner sides of the cot and fastened with the bumpers from one end to another. They are used to make sure that the baby is safe while in the cot.

Effortless décor

You can make your baby cot look cool or warm by selection proper colors. You can make you baby’s cot look according to the changing seasons buy changing the crib bumpers in a matter of seconds and without any effort. Crib bumpers are just as easy to swap as a simple change of clothes. Your infant can enjoy plane floral pattern in the spring and an autumn leaf style in the fall, a red and green plaid in the winters, and a jewel –toned paisley any time of the year on your slightest whim. So, why not revitalize your baby’s cot with the changing seasons with and effortless décor.

Keep your Infant Safe

Small babies are swirly little creatures. When you leave your baby alone in the cot he can swirl and move into dangerous positions. Babies can accidently bump their head against the cot rails and can injure themselves. While sleeping or playing babies are often found having their arm or legs stuck in between the cot rails, in worse cases even their heads. Babies are sensitive and fragile; a small bump in their head or a small twist of their arm or leg can cause fatal injuries. Keep you infant safe and secure by using cot bumper Sets in your baby’s cot. Cot bumpers provide cushiony and soft wall all around the inner sides of the cot and prevent your baby getting stuck in between the rails of the cot. Cot bumpers provide a cushion to your baby and he will not bang his head against the cot bars and hence you can keep your bundle of joy safe and secure whenever you put him in his cot.

But, what is all the fuss about?

Recently, there has been a lot of controversy concerning the use of baby bumpers . Parents argue whether or not they should use baby bumpers. Lots of people use them and some don’t think they are safe. But there are lots of real world advantages of using cot bumpers. The pros of using cot bumpers are overwhelmed by pros of not using them. There are some disadvantages of bad quality or cheap cot bumpers, as they are not well thought out and are not made according to the international safety standards. Meanwhile, quality cot bumpers are totally safe and they are well thought-out and are manufactured using premium materials and according to international health standards. Low-quality cot bumpers are not breathable and sometimes cause suffocation problems. Quality cot bumpers on the other hand are breathable, cozy and totally safe.

Talking about quality

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