Changing times pose unknown challenges so do change generations. The pandemic has added to the unpredictability of times especially for kids of all ages. Keeping them engaged without any social engagements has been quite a challenge. The absence of social gatherings in the past year has made them get acquainted with unknown and odd circumstances that have made them keep to themselves and explore new ways of leisure and entertainment. Television, tablets, phones, and personal gaming systems have been the most important sources of entertainment for all kids.

 At their age, it gets really difficult to control such forms of entertainment that can be availed day and night without any breakdown. The best way to regulate screen time and keep them away from electronic entertainment is to involve them in interesting activities and enforce harmless discipline. Here is a list of ideas that can help a child to explore and enjoy new ways of leisure, play, and entertainment.

  • Explain

Screen addiction is real for all irrespective of their age. Kids do not understand addiction, they just go on with what they like. It is imperative on part of the caregiver or parent to explain to them how screen time damages the eyes and should be regulated. This ensures that the child knows the disadvantages of too much screen time and is taken on board about the decision. This ensures that the child trusts the parent and understands that what is said is right which makes the whole process an easy task. 

  • Discipline

Following a certain pattern of living every day is absolutely important for children. For toddlers, these are their formative years, and following a particular routine day in and day out is absolutely essential. Making them understand the importance of following a certain pattern of living every day and the importance of timeliness is absolutely important. Make a schedule of when to watch television and when to use personal device assistants. Fix the time when they can watch and the duration for which they are allowed to watch. Never budge from the routine. The strictness of the routine sends a message to the children that any leniency or increase in their screen time is impossible. 

  • Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities should be made into a habit to keep them active and healthy. It is an excellent way to divert kids from harmful activities. Take them to recreational parks and enjoy various children’s playground equipment. Outdoors they can explore various rides and activities and enjoy them instead of sitting in one place and triggering obesity.

  • Technology-free Zones

Encouraging technical free zones is an excellent idea to limit screen time. Switch off the internet services for some time and enjoy some technology-free time. They should not realize that the internet has been shut down manually. Do it in the same space every day to make them realize that the internet is always not available in that area.  This would compel them to find and interact with other things.

  • Involve Them in Pretend Play

Children love to pretend play. They find it exciting and interesting to act like someone else. Caregivers and parents may need to put in extra effort for making children enjoy something like that. It takes a lot of creativity but makes children most happy.

Babies and children are the sole responsibility of their parents or caregivers. It is up to them how the children will be molded. Making children understand how the disadvantages of wasting their time in watching stuff all will affect their lives and future is absolutely necessary. Take as much effort as possible and think strategically. They can be easily manipulated into doing things and there is no harm in doing so if it is for their own good.

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