Dining table is not like a battlefield for mothers and children.  Mothers can employ the children in enjoying the meals by creating more fun. Following are some helpful tips on how to make mealtime more exciting and interesting for the family to enjoy the healthy food with children.

Kids always want to be a part of the elder community. Involve the kids in the kitchen and assign kids with little stuff to work on it. Like young children can prepare a salad or make a dip for super or lunch.  Mothers can also ask them to cook together by showing cooking books and recopies out of it.  Mothers can ask the kids about the menu for super, children will help well. Kids can share better ideas about what to cook and how to serve the food on table. This will develop the habit of eating well as kids wish is involved there.

While dining together, avoid professional discussion and matters of money. As children, do not have any interest in such matters. Soon kids will get bore and will leave the table. Discuss thing in a very lighter mood, share ideas of family and friend gathering, make plans of dining out on holiday, and have fun with family. TV programs can catch the attention while eating so don’t go with the TV programs while meal time. Elders as well as children will get busy in the watching program and lose interest in meal. So at mealtime do not switch on the television or any movie. The family members should enjoy mealtime by discussing with each other daily activities.

Use aesthetic sense in making the food more colorful.  One can decorate the dining table with different colorful veggies; design some artistic creation on edibles with knife. It is a proper art, as some people crave on watermelon and on tomatoes. For breakfast, one can make pancakes of different shapes.


Mothers can prepare sandwiches of different flavors for lunch. In addition, employ kids by asking to set the table. Kids will arrange the meal table and this activity will give your kids a better chance to decorate the table. For making the dining experience more exciting one can also use Food boxes and bottles, this will make the kids responsible to finish their meal properly. And after the meal time they can wash Food boxes and bottles.


Make a timetable and schedule for the meals. It is not a trouble-free job because it requires full planning about setting the schedule.  It could be impossible to practice with such thing throughout the week but one can at least try for the kids. Do not go to the fast food restaurants frequently, because this will create habit of eating fast food that is very dangerous for children health. First, start eating good and healthy food by mothers or elders. Elders can be best example for kids, because kids love to follow the elder one.  Family members can teach children that eating well can be beneficial for the health and growth and kids will grow fast. Stability of table according to the ages of the children is very important, food items should be placed in a good manner.

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