Are you fed up with paying high prices for haircuts? There are many ways to get stunning haircuts that look great for you and your loved ones.

Beauty and Cosmetology Schools

Many cosmetology and beauty schools offer student salons that provide a range of services for the public at very low prices or free. Students are always under the guidance of licensed instructors. The standards in this teaching environment are high. If there is a mistake, it is immediately corrected.

Please find out the details of the cosmetology and beauty schools in your locality, as well as their prices and the days that the salons are open to the public.

Stylists who work from home

Many stylists can work remotely from their homes or offices to save rent and expenses. This is a great option for retired and is not interested in working under time clocks.

Work-at-home stylists will generally charge less than salon stylists and may charge more if they work with a large family.

A benefit to being a regular stylist at work is the flexibility they offer and their willingness to help you in times of need.

The Local Barber

You don’t need to go to a barber to get basic haircuts. Many barbers are skilled and have been doing haircuts for many years. Customers are often quickly in and out of the salon, so prices are lower than salons. This is a great option for kids.

Loyalty and Coupon Programs

Many salons offer coupons through companies such as Valpak and the newspapers. You can find coupons for Supercuts and Regis Salons by searching for “Salon Coupons” on Google.

Sign up on the salon websites to receive coupon codes and other promotions by email or directly on your mobile phone.

Groupon and LivingSocial offer daily deals that promote salons across the country. These discounts can reach up to 40% on certain services.

Modelling gigs

Salons need people willing to listen and let their hair be styled however they wish. Salon owners and senior stylists can show other stylists new techniques.

Models are generally not paid, and some salons might charge models for services they receive. Before you sign up to be a model, make sure to ask about pricing, discounts, and what your hair plan will look like.

Trade Skills

You might be able to trade your skills with a friend who cuts hair. As a way of saving money, many people trade their skills. Asking is always a good idea.

Do it Yourself: Cut your hair.

You can find videos on YouTube and online about how to cut your hair. You can also find a video about how to cut your bangs.

Different products are designed to assist DIY hairstylists. The Creaclip, for example, is designed to allow individuals to cut their hair in layers and trim their bangs. A curved clip (straight for bangs) holds it in place as you cut your hair.

Salon Work

You might consider working part-time at your local hair salon if you have extra time and enjoy styling your hair. You will not only get a discount on all services and products you purchase, but you’ll also have access to modelling opportunities.

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