Many people think that children’s feet are tiny versions of adults’ feet. They are not. They are undeveloped, soft and malleable, much like adult feet. They are so delicate, you need to be extra careful to prevent developmental problems.

Babies feet look like fat, little pillows. You may want to eat their feet, but they have a growing heel and a square arch. It’s called “cute aggression” and it’s real!

As they age, their bones and muscles become stronger, resulting in a longer, wider, and leaner foot. It doesn’t fully develop until the teens. When shopping for shoes for children, it is important to know how quickly babies’ feet develop. Knowing the growth rate can help you choose the right size and reduce the frequency of having to replace your shoes.

Below is a summary of HOW FAST BABIES and KIDS GROW.

  • In the first 15 Months: babies’ feet shrink by half every two months in the first fifteen months.
  • Your infant’s feet will increase half-size every two to three years from age 15 months.
  • Between 2 and 3 years: A child’s feet will continue growing rapidly from the age of 2 to 3.
  • Your child’s feet grow at an average of half a inch every four months from 3 to 5. The rate at which children’s feet grow is slower than in the early months.

Below are the details about how quickly children’s feet grow.



Babies are quick to grow. In a matter of months, they can go from tiny aliens to fully-grown mini-people. They also grow quickly so shoes will be needed to match their stage.


Research has shown that babies’ feet double in size after the first 15 months. This could translate to seven sizes for babies before they reach two years of age. This can quickly add up if you buy shoes each season.


Your child’s feet will increase half an inch every two to three years from 15 months to 2 years. It’s slowing down, but it’s still growing!


It is important to remember that barefoot for most of their childhood years is the best. Barefoot can aid the natural development and growth of small feet and help to prevent future foot problems. A pair of soft sole shoes is a great choice if your baby cannot go barefoot.


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A child’s feet will continue growing rapidly from the age of 2 to 3 years old. There will be a half-size increase in size every three to four month. A pair of shoes might be necessary if your child is walking on their own, with some assistance, or cruising.


Toddles can start walking independently at the age of 2 and 3 and will need suitable first Walker shoes to support their growing feet. They should also be light and flexible, so that they don’t limit their movement or hinder their growth.


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How fast do kids feet grow? Your child’s feet grow at an average rate of about half a inch every four months, from three to five years old. However, the rate at which children’s feet grow is slowing down.


Each child is unique, so these rules may not be right for you, just like the shoes that you bought a month ago.


Shoes that are comfortable for your child’s growing needs will be essential as they get older. Shoes that promote healthy development are essential for running, jumping, skiing, and climbing.


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Many factors can affect the foot growth of your child, particularly later in life and as hormones kick in.


The average age at which feet stop growing for girls is 14. For boys, it’s more common to see their feet stop growing by 16. Their feet have fully developed adult feet, with strong bones, ligaments, and strong feet muscles. Teenagers may experience a growth spurt, where their feet grow accordingly. Sometimes feet don’t reach full size until the age of 20-21. Each person is unique and can vary depending on their growth rate and hormone changes.


As we age, our feet may change in size due to changes in weight, ligament changes or physical changes such as bunions. These changes do not always reflect the foot growing, but the foot’s structure changing and becoming wider.

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