Do you feel like your children’s behaviour is out of control? It is never too late for you to take control of your children’s behaviour. Your children need to know that you, the adult, are in charge. Here are five steps to help you implement a new behaviour system and take back control of your children’s behaviour.

Step 1: Allow yourself to parent

Is it because your children have become too controlling? Do you feel guilty disciplining your children? Do you think you aren’t good at this aspect? Do you feel like your children lack positive role models? Things won’t get better unless you take control of your children’s lives and become an authority. The first step to reducing your children’s behaviour is to allow yourself to be a parent. Let go of any fears about being the “bad guy” and remember that children require parents to establish and maintain clear expectations.

Step 2: Create a list of expectations and consequences

Now is the time to decide how you want your children to behave. What are your expectations for their behaviour? These must be firm rules unaffected by time, place, or season. You might expect your children to show respect and kindness towards you and others. Your children might be expected to clean up after them and take part in household chores.

It would help if you also brainstormed consequences you are willing and able to enforce regularly. While timeout is great for very young children, it’s not as effective for older children. As they get older, your consequences will need to be adjusted to their developmental stage. Consider imposing a ban on privileges your older children consider valuable, such as television or video gaming.

Step 3: Plan for the introduction of your new behavioural system

You can count upon when you set new rules for your children is They will test you! So, be ready before you introduce new behaviour systems to your children. You want to start when you are all rested and have minimal interruptions. You might also consider talking to a friend about your plans and asking them for support.

A second strategy to help you get through the worst testing for your children is remembering the end goal. It’s not your goal to make your children happy. You want to help them become responsible, well-adjusted young adults. You can feel some pain now, but the rewards will be great later.

Step 4: Lay down the Law

After you have created your rules, you should schedule a family meeting to discuss them together. Your expectations should be communicated clearly and directly to your children. Also, let them know the consequences for not complying with your rules. Consider putting the rules in a visible location, such as a whiteboard in the kitchen, so that everyone can see them and reference them as needed.

Step Five: Follow through on your new rules and consequences

Your children will test you for your seriousness once you have established the law. You will only be able to endure this testing period and control your children’s behaviour. You will only reinforce the behaviour you want to eradicate if you allow your children to do the same thing as you did. You must remain calm and persevere through the testing process. It is crucial to remain calm during this process. Your kids will be surprised, as they expect you to be angry or frazzled and too tired to follow the rules. Keep calm and stick to the plan.

Remember that you have the power to do it. Although it’s not an easy task, the rewards — a calmer home and deeper relationships with your children, as well as peace of mind — are well worth it. It is never too late for you to take control of your children’s behaviour.

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