Babies need special attention as they are very sensitive. Handling them can be really hectic as every baby as his own psychology. So it is a very different experience for any mother around the every corner of world. Couples who are going to have their first baby are very excited and nervous and find it very difficult to shop for the very first baby, as they want to provide their baby every comfort and luxury. Shopping the right things for the babies can be very hectic. The very basic things that are required for baby includes baby wrap. There are so many miss conceptions about the baby wraps. As some of the parents feel the use of baby wraps make the baby feel uncomfortable and may kill the baby. No, it’s not like that baby wraps are made to bring the comfort for the new born. Baby wraps soothes the baby and let the baby feel safe.


Baby wraps decreases the chances of sudden unexpected death in infancy including the SIDS. As when a baby is wrapped in a baby wrap there are less chances that the baby will move and he can be left un attended without any worry. The best age for a baby to be wrapped is until he cannot role. But try to maintain the comfort level of baby. The baby wraps of high quality material should be bought to avoid any kind of rashes or allergies. Never go for the used item for the new born. Things after steam laundry however can be used in emergency. If a baby doesn’t feel comfortable in baby wraps try to put him asleep in the sleeping bag. But do not buy sleeping size without considering the baby size. 100% cotton material baby wraps are available to make the baby feel comfortable.


There are many situations where the use of baby wrap should be avoided, like if parents used to co sleep with the baby then avoid the usage of baby wraps. Let the baby dressed in a comfortable manner. However the co sleeping of a new born is not recommended as it increases the risk SUDI. The baby should be wrapped in proper manner, not too tight that a baby feels uncomfortable and not too loose that with a little movement baby gets unwrapped. The main advantage of usage of baby wrap is that the baby feel warm. So try to buy the baby wrap in accordance to weather situations as the babies are so innocent that they cannot even complaint about the heat or cold. Try to keep an eye in the baby all the time so you can serve them on the very first call.

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