Do you remember that baseball cap you wore last year hidden somewhere in your closet? What about the beanie that you wore last year but have lost? We suggest that you get those beanies out and dust them off. Then, style them in unique ways to make your mark. Here are seven amazing styling ideas you should try. A cap is a perfect accessory for any occasion. You can wear a cap in various styles so that you can create a new look every time. Check out our top seven picks to see how you can wear them like a true trendsetter.

Flat Cap

Flat caps are retro-inspired and can be worn with casual and formal clothing. This style was first created in the 14th Century and hasn’t lost any of its coolness. This cap is elegant with its flat top and firm brim. This cap is perfect for fishing trips. You can wear it with your favourite chino shorts and a T-shirt. The same cap can be worn when you take your lady out to coffee. Ditch the shorts and wear a fitted jacket with slim-fit jeans for a slimming effect. Flat caps are also a great option for ladies. A cropped jacket, skinny jeans and ankle boots for movie night are some options. You can tie the look together with a gorgeous dark grey tweed flat cap. Hot pink lips and flushed cheeks can make the colour pop even more.

Baseball Cap

Baseball caps are one of the most popular designs. Thanks to celebs and style icons who often wear them, they have gained immense popularity. They can be paired with all kinds of casual wear. It’s time to put them away for your son’s outdoor sporting events or cover a bad hair day. Wear a black baseball cap with a T-shirt, denim jacket, and distressed jeans to tie it all. Bright pink, vivid fluorescent blue, and vibrant green caps are great options if you want to feel a little more energetic. You guys can do it too! A pop of colour is a great way to brighten up a plain T-shirt or ripped jeans. We love sequined caps and printed caps that give all-black outfits, such as summer dresses and baggy jeans, a little more flair. The leatherette options look great with short dresses and calf-length boots. You can also wear them with navy or olive slim-fit casual trousers and jackets. Smart-casual outfits can be given a new edge by adding baseball caps. Black and brown caps are best paired with grey shirts, polo T-shirts in green, dark-washed jeans and single-button jackets.

Cadet Cap

This military-inspired style is similar to the baseball cap, except that it has a flat top and a rounded visor. This attractive accessory can be worn with a button-down shirt and a graphic T-shirt underneath. Slip-on canvas shoes or sneakers will elevate this casual look. Cadet caps for ladies are the perfect accessory to make cute miniskirts or shorts more appealing. We recommend wearing chunky bracelets and studded ankle boots for a rocker look.


Beanies reminiscent of cold winter days are our top choice for adding warmth to warm jackets, skinny jeans or boot-cut jeans, and knee-length boots. Beanies can also be worn in warmer weather. Crocheted beanies in slouchy crochet look great paired with off the shoulder sweaters or printed jeggings. For a casual, cute and sexy date outfit, pair them with leatherette skirts or sneakers. You can turn up the heat with bold lips and large sunnies. Guys can wear these with cargo and slogan T-shirts. They will instantly liven up your appearance. You don’t have to wear slouchy beanies. Many other styles are equally stunning. For adding texture to colour-blocked outfits, chunky knitted versions are ideal. Brightly-coloured caps can also be used to give monochrome outfits more appeal.

Peaked Cap

The peaked cap, another military-inspired cap, is also available. This cap is popular among people who want to stand out. It has a flat top and a bright shiny peak. It looks great with jackets, coats, and skinny jeans. You can also get casual designs to wear with your everyday clothes. But, where is the fun? These beauties should be saved for nights out and parties.

Newsboy Cap

Newsboy caps are essential accessories for summer weather. They are usually made from light, breathable cotton and keep you cool even as the temperatures rise. Pair a solid-coloured top with khakis, capris, or slim-fit pants for weekend getaways. The casual look can be kept casual by wearing moccasins and fisherman sandals. Beaded bracelets and printed scarves are great additions to cool outfits. Patterned newsboy caps look great and can be used to spice up neutral-coloured outfits. You can try a cute polka dots cap or a striped one to give your look a new vibe.

Ski Cap

The cold is a great way to add style and layers to your outfit. The ski cap is another winter favourite. It can be made in any colour and style. You can feel festive with a red-and-green cap or a white-and-blue one. It can be worn with jeans, a warm pullover and a thick muffler. You can’t go wrong with classic colours such as black and grey, which are easy to style. These caps can be worn with thick leggings, parkas, skinny jeans, and oversized sweaters. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new styles. A ski cap with overlays in animal shapes is a great option. These caps are super fun to wear, and they look great with printed pants, hooded jackets and boots.

Caps are a great accessory to have. There are many styles to choose from, so there is a cap for everyone. You can also play up the caps’ colours and designs by adding mufflers and shades to your outfits. A sporty baseball cap or aviator can instantly elevate your everyday look. Perhaps you want to update your casual look without being too extravagant. You can do this with a beautiful cadet cap. We are certain that fashionable caps should be on your must-have accessory list.

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