From December to March, winter temperatures and the possibility of snowstorms mean more time indoors. Winter’s depressing reality doesn’t have to mean that everyone spends more time looking at screens for hours.

Instead, let your kids be creative and use the iPad to do some fun snow-day activities. These activities are perfect for days when it’s cold outside. You can also put zero stress (seriously zero) on your shoulders with a little preparation.

Get the Beads Out

You only need a bucket of Perler beads.

One screen-time option that gives back and again is crafting during an ice storm is crafting. Crafty entertainment doesn’t have to be difficult. Perler beads are a great example. They come in various colours and can be placed on a pegboard for coasters to woodland creatures. Children can choose a pattern and place their beads on the board. Then, an adult can fuse the beads with an iron to make a unique plastic design. This is a favourite because it includes everything you need for $15. It has 6000 beds, five pegboards and 1 sheet of the reusable ironing board. The instructions are easy to follow.

Print Snow-Day Stickers

All you need: A Cricut Machine

A Cricut machine is a great investment if colouring pages becomes a little boring in your home. The Cricut machine is easy to use and allows you to print a variety of crafts using templates from the online Design Space studio. Making their stickers from cut vinyl is a great project for older children. They’ll have little keepsakes to stick on their phones and notebooks after the snow day is over. This will require extra materials, but Cricut owners will have plenty of supplies! )

Make a Snowman for Instagram

All you need: A snowman kit

It is often Christmas morning for the kids when there is a snow day. First, turn off the TV and put on your rainbow gaoshes. Then get outside. For any snow day, we love the idea that you can always have a snowman kit (such as this one from Target’s Hearth & Hand with Magnolia). The kids will be able to create their snowman at home, and they’ll have everything (including snow).

Hit The Slopes (AKA Streets).

Everything you need: Inner tubes, and an air pump

Have your air pump from summer’s pool parties handy on the night of the snowfall. Your snow tubes can be pre-inflated so that the children will have hours of fun outside sledging or sloshing. This Sonic Snow Tube is a favourite of ours from LL. Bean.

Hosting an Epic Snowball Fight

All you need: The Snowball Maker Toolkit

You don’t need to have snowmen or sledges, but hosting a friendly snowball fight for your neighbourhood children is a great way to get away from the screens and spend more time outside. These Snowball Maker Tools will make it even more enjoyable. Warm cocoa and marshmallows are a great way to treat your troops after the snowball fight has ended.

Assemble an Icebox Cake

Everything you need: Wafer cookies and whip cream

After all the outdoor fun is over, get in the kitchen and make an easy (and non-bake!) icebox cake. The two-ingredient recipe will delight your taste buds but not your culinary skills. It only requires heavy cream and wafer cookies. The snow day icebox cake will be a hit with the children.

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