We love to be inspired by the latest fashion trends for kids’ clothes. You can find inspiration in the blogs and social media accounts from some of the most influential mummy bloggers.

Six of our favorite moms are listed below – they can spot the latest kids clothes from a mile away, and then create a style that perfectly suits their children’s personalities. This is probably a reflection of how these kids look better than us at work. These are our top picks for trendy kid’s outfits.


This baby is courtesy of the Young Mummy blog, and Instagram. It has, Snoop Dogg once stated, “got it going on”.

We love the idea of black for kids. It’s acceptable and even a great look. We think the little pink bow really transforms this child’s outfit.




We’re not talking about Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss. There are a few bona fide hipsters who can take your place. This is brought to you by What Would Karl Do, one of our favorite Aussie blogs.

These siblings are charming in matching flannel shirts and denim jeans, and their rocking sneakers. They look so poised and polished.

As if all that wasn’t enough, look at their radiant, cheeky smiles. They will make girls swoon in no time. We are just waiting for the warrior knot and beard to seal the deal.




BabyMac’s style is what we love. Maggie’s look always reflects her mom’s fashion sense. Look at that cheeky smile!

Beth from BabyMac blog isn’t afraid to dress Maggie up in bright, contrast colours and different patterns. We love this outfit! We love the combination of the floral and stripy dress with the polka dots tights.




The Styling Tribe blog showcases boys’ fashion. Each boy has his own style and Carla Rodan is the perfect person to show it off. We love the way she isn’t afraid to show off statement pieces. Our favorite piece is the silver jacket.

This photo of the Kids Fashion blogger sisters is absolutely stunning. It looks so natural and unobtrusive. So where do you begin? The leather jackets and billowing hair, the matching dresses, and the top knots.

They seem so comfortable with one another, it’s amazing bestirs! They are so happy together.



What is cuter than a well-dressed child who can effortlessly achieve the leather look? That’s it.

Erin Maxwell, who runs the with her stylish kids, welcomes you to her world. We are proud of Erin’s choice to dress her daughter in trendy, yet practical pants and a leather jacket. It shows that she is both funky and stylish at the same time.

Are you a favorite blogger or stylist for kids that we haven’t listed? We would love to hear your thoughts about these trends and the inspiration they inspire! If you want to achieve the perfect look, check out our selection of fashionable, but practical, and healthy products.

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