You must be a miracle mum if you don’t have your baby scream as you put on shoes for their feet. It’s a daily struggle for the rest of us. Your efforts won’t be much if your child is unable to walk or squirm out of their shoes in a matter of seconds.

If it’s a bad day, it could lead to you crying, whining, and moaning as if the world is ending. It’s not fun to be late for a playdate or drop-off at child care.

We know that you would do anything to avoid a tanty. Here are our top tips for keeping your shoes on the kids.



  1. Keep it simple and don’t make it too big.
  2. Give your child the freedom and choice to make their own decisions
  3. You can be a master trickster and keep your children occupied while you put on your shoes.
  4. Choose comfortable soft sole shoes
  5. Choose your battles, and evaluate the situation

Learn more about each tip and take control of your child’s shoes.



Show toddlers that you are worried about their reactions to shoes, and they will deliver exactly what you expect: screaming bloody murder.


Instead, tell them that it isn’t a big deal. Fake indifference to the purpose of shoes. You can leave them around for your child to enjoy.


Once they feel comfortable, it is easy to ease them into their shoes. In fact, they might even be able to choose the pair they prefer each day.




This brings us to the second point: give your child autonomy. Children are great at mimicry and they love being adults. They’ll be able to express their individuality if they are old enough to wear shoes.


Your child can define their look. Your child can wear sneakers on a wedding. It’s not a bad idea. It’s a great way to show your child that you have panache.


Giving your child some purchasing power is another way to do this. This means that you can give your child some control over what shoes they wear, or at the very least take their interests and personality into consideration.


If in doubt, you can always buy something with Frozen characters on it. Anything with a print featuring your child’s favorite animal or phenomenon will be approved by the fashion tyrant. That’s at most a step closer towards getting their footwear.




You can always resort to the Cloak-and-Dagger approach to parenting. While it might not be the best, it will give you some relief that you have finally beaten your little dictator.


Although you might not be able to magically place a pair of shoes on your child’s feet, you can distract them while your partner in crime puts the sneakers on. Use their favorite toy as a decoy, or make the most out of their feeding time. They won’t notice you if you hype up the activity.




Hard soled shoes are something that kids seem to hate, but they love soft sole baby sneakers. This is probably due to the soft soles’ sock-like comfort. I would be able to walk around in my socks all day if I had enough.


It seems that soft sole shoes are more popular with children. These shoes give children more flexibility and mimic barefoot movement. They can also be used as a comfort intermediary between barefoot and harder soled shoes.




You have to ask yourself, is it worthit? barefoot is the best for a child in development.


Don’t force your Tarzan to wear shoes if he doesn’t want them. In case your little Tarzan decides to climb over the playground equipment, you can slip a pair of shoes into your bag.


It can be difficult to find ways to put shoes on your child while keeping them on. If you have any tips or tricks that encourage your children to wear shoes, please share them with us below.

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